What Is Dodecagon Training?

Training was born out of the mind of Zerben Badeaux. Its roots reach back to his early childhood growing up in East Asia. Where daily instructions in the Art of the Stick and Body Energy Movement developed within him a profound respect for the Art and its ability to Heal and Strengthen.

10 Years ago a series of life changing events caused him to revert back to the disciplines that he knew as a child. According to him at the time “My own physical health had declined, my weight hovered around 220, I wore a Dunlap around my waist and hung a pair of love handles on my sides for added effect. In his words “He was a Fat White Man”.

Seeing Zerben today you wouldn’t believe that he once carried 70+ extra pounds of weight on his frame. Instead you see an energetic fit man. Visit with him for a while and you’ll quickly sense his passion for what he feels is his life’s mission.

That mission is to help people become fit through natural means, focusing primarily on the principle of “All Body Training” which utilizing a unique yet simple and effective method to improve Core Body Balance. The Dodecagon Training Elements provides a person with a new physical foundation to build upon.

This training utilizes natural elements, gravitational elements coupled with resistance elements to provide the individual with a Whole Body Training approach to getting fit.

To get a better understanding of this refreshing unique program Zerben invites you to view his video page to get a better understanding of this Dodecagon Training and learn how you can change the way you are in the world in relation to physical fitness.


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